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Dyslexia affects 20 percent of the population, and represents 80–90 percent of all those with learning disabilities. (According to Yale Dyslexia) Studies show that dyslexia is one of the biggest hurdles facing many of our children in schools today, and many of those children are not getting the help they need. If you or your child are struggling in school, it may be because of dyslexia or other dyslexia related disabilities. 

Davis Methods are effective ways to remediate and support neurodivergent learners. Find out more about the methods I use at:

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My name is Lindsay Hodge, and I am a Licensed Davis Facilitator. I provide learning support programs to adults and children who want to make learning easier, and more fun. 

You may be struggling, but you have an extraordinary mind...

This video might give you some answers as to why you're struggling, even though you have a brilliant mind. 

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Programs and Learning Services Offered

In addition to offering the Davis® programs listed below, I also offer additional paid tutoring support. 

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